Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Save Save Save.

Firstly, I'd just like to apologise for not being so regular with the posts. I've been not so well and bogged down with college work and work. But this time I'm back and I'm going to try my very best to post as often as I can :) 

So I think in the space of two weeks I've had around four friend's birthdays - nightmare. I'm seriously so skint right now that I cancelled my graze box subscription for a while! 

But I managed to find a little way to cheer myself up - shopping sales!

Miss Selfridge have a brilliant sale on right now with lots of gorgeous dress and shoes and shorts. Usually when a sale comes along, I'll find a dress for around £15 at the cheapest, well I managed to find one for £7. Yes, that's right SEVEN Great British Pounds!!

This striped blue dress is perfect for this lovely weather we've been lucky to get and the embellished detail on the collar will make it easy enough to dress up for an evening event. 

These little brown loafers are so adorable. They are only £12 which means that teamed with the dress you can get an outfit for under £20. Perfect. 

If you love living the "high life" then these mustard wedges are the ones for you. Teamed with the dress, the are perfect for shopping, lunch, days out and days in the office. They are only £22 which is still a pretty good bargain!

All the items along with plenty of other sale item can be bought here
*please note that being sale items, there is only a limited amount of stock available and will probably sell out very fast. 

Happy Shopping

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Funky Blazers.

Okay, so on Friday, instead of going out and wasting all my money (I'm saving for le Summer), I decided to stay in and read all my fav glossy mags, see what the trends are and pig out on Haribo's and pistachio nuts.
  I must say that it was brilliant to just chill out for once and getting myself up-to-date on all the latest trends was fun.
  This is when I spotted Spring-style blazers. I'm a huge lover of blazers they can make any outfit look classy, smart and fill you with that little bit confidence. I have a few blazers but they are all so dull being either black or grey. 
  I saw a few blazers with that little pop of colour that can add a little fun to your outfit as well as still being ideal for that job interview that's looming or a first time date. 

 Here are my favourite ones of the season: 

 This is shaped so beautifully and is such a nice colour. The turn-up sleeves are fantastic. You can grab it from Miss Selfridge from only £40 :)
This blazer is gorgeous and probably my favourite. It's so vintage. It reminds me of something my gran would wear with a modern twist. The elegant tailoring is perfect and I think this would look perfect with a plain T, pair of brogues and 3/4 length trousers. It's from Topshop and with a fairly steep price tag of £60 you'd have to have the money to afford this little beauty.

  Eeeek. I love love love this combination of soft powder blue and lace. River Island have managed to create something beautiful with an average price of £45. This screams elegance.
 Another River Island number and great value at only £30. This boyfriend blazer is the perfect college/day out jacket. I'm loving the vintage style stripes and different pinky tones. Must. have. it. now.

Which one is your favourite??

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Glossybox - Harrods (March) edition

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get any pictures because I lost my camera charger and a new one is in the post which mega sucks but it'll be back in full working order in no time. 

  So my first box, the limited Harrods edition, excited me greatly. Reading all the reviews I could not wait and I'm a huge lippy fan and the Burberry lipstick would have been perfect for me. I didn't get the lipstick. However, I did get an awesome selection. 
  My box included Valentina de Valentino scent (full review below), Clarins extra-firming body cream 30ml, Molton Brown vitalising vitamin AB+C bath and shower, SK-II skin signature moisturising cream, Lacome hypnose drama mascara and Shu Uemura cleansing beauty oil.    
 My favourites of the box and the ones that I'm really inclined to buy are the Valentino scent and Lancome mascara. The mascara is perfect for my eyelashes - I find it so hard to get a good mascara. It has a nice even coverage and helps to give my poker straight lashes a little perk whereas most mascaras I buy I have to do coat after coat until it looks like I have spider's legs for lashes! 
  The thing that least impressed me was the moisturing cream. I'm quite picky when it comes to moisturisers and usually find that the £1.50 nivea cream from my local chemist does the trick. For having a rrp of around £127 SK-II have failed to give the moisturiser any character - it smells like a simple skin irritant cream. Although it has a soft effect, I don't notice much of a difference to the Nivea therefore I will not be recommeding it. The Molton Brown shower gel is soooo luxurious and feels so great on my skin and is a definite must have in the bathroom. 
  I've not had a chance to try the cleansing oil yet as I'm waiting for an ideal oppurtunity. I'm a little pessimistic as I've never really used oil products on my face before. 
  For it being my first box, I'm overly impressed and I will definitely be getting next months one so stay tuned. 

     Practicality - 5/5
Quality - 4/5
     Desirability - 4/5
      Presentation - 5/5
 Info/help - 5/5
   Quantitiy - 3/5 

Do you get Glossybox?
What did you get?
What did you think of the Harrods edition?

Marni for H&M

Last week, H&M released their new collection which they collaborated with designer Marni on. I was kind of excited for this because although Marni isn't one of my favourite designers, they have some good stuff. However, I was really shocked when I first saw the collection. To me it was mundane and shapeless. I can kind of see where the collaboraters are coming from with the whole vintage, tailored effect but for me they have went the wrong way about it.

  Naturally, the collection sold out very fast as H&M designer collections are quite reasonably priced but although the Marni collection seemed to be the cheapest, I definitely wouldn't have bought anything from it. For me they need to inject a bit more colour into their designs. Nothing bold or out there but just a little to liven the collection up. I also feel that S/S is all about showing off your figure and your pins, so by structuring the clothes a little more, they would have worked wonders. So that's my opinion on H&Ms lastest designer collection. Not for me but not a complete disaster.
View the full collection here :)

Did you purchase anything from the collection? 
What did you think of the collection ?

Monday, 12 March 2012

Valentina de Valentino

I'm the kind of person who can hunt and hunt and hunt and still struggle to find the perfume I love. From cheap to expensive, I've been there, done that and most definitely got the t-shirt. Although perfumes were nice and slightly pleasing, I never found that one signature scent where I've went WOW, I love that.
  I think today is the day that all that changed when I got a little tester for Valentina by Valentino in my Harrods edition of Glossybox (it was my first box). Not only is it a beautiful floral fragrance which is ideal for Spring time (woo) but it has that lasting linger so a couple of sprays will easily do the trick. As for the design of the bottle, I love the 3D flowers on it and the pretty pastel colours.

  At £40rrp for a 30ml bottle - it's pretty steep. However, if you know where to go and are in touch with discount beauty websites then you could probably grab it for £30 (which is precisely what I'll be doing with my next paycheck).

 Let me know if you like it or not?
 And what perfumes do you think are great for Spring??

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Spring picks.

Spring is most definitely my favourite fashion season. It's so easy to be feminine and pretty with minimal effort. I love the pastels, chiffon, floatiness, motifs, florals... I could go all day. As tomorrow is my PAY DAY(woo hoo) I have been trolling the internet looking for the best Spring dresses to invest in this year. Here is a list of all my favourite Spring dresses on the High St right now. Some are great bargains while others are definitely splurges (considering my minimal student budget). I hope you like them as much as I do :)

This is a River Island number and it's only £25 - bargain! I love this dress as I believe every dress should come with a waist belt and the splash of orange is great as it's not too overpowering. Who can not love flowers in Spring??? 

This is a little more pricier at £42 but I think Miss Selfridge have covered the essence of Spring to a T. The pleats and the structure are just super flattering for my figure and the collar adds a few points too :)
Topshop have certainly tried to brighten up our wardrobes with this dog motif shirt dress and it has worked. At £48 it's a little more on the expensive side but is certainly a gorgeous little retro number..

This is not the type of dress I would go for as the waist is too loose for my liking but for some crazy reason I was pretty drawn to it and I love the pattern. However, being from Urban Outfitters, it's £75!! So I don't think it'll be entering my wardrobe any time soon but one is allowed to dream..
The colour and length of this dress screams YES YES YES. It has a flattering waist line, nice little cut out bit at the back breaks it up and it covers the chest area perfectly. Thank you Miss Selfridge! You can grab it for £42 - a little steep but in my eyes, totally worth it!

BARGAIN ALERT. At only £7.99, this dress from H&M is definitely the best value for money. It also comes in a plain coral-ly colour and navy and white stripes :) Although it's pretty plain, I think it would look great with a waist belt and the right jewellery.

What a perfect dress for a picnic. This is £26.95 from Joe Browns and has the ability to be super casual which I absolutely love!!

This lovely coral shirt dress by Red Herring at Debenhams is not only lovely but in the SALE. It's reduced from £30 to £18 as a result of 25% reductions to introduce the new season - yippee. 

So there we go, my favourite dresses on the High St right now. I hope you found this helpful. Which is your favourite? What do you love about Spring? What is the statement piece in your wardrobe this season?? 

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Vintage prom on a budget

You don't have to spend a fortune to look good at prom.
   My school leaver's prom was last June - yeah quite a while ago but I absolutely love my outfit and I just had to post it. My dress was only around £45. It's velvet with a giant silky bow that ties around the back. I got my dress from  - it's 1980's Laura Ashley. My pearls were my great grannies and my gran let me borrow them for the evening! My shoes were bought from a little independent shop nearby and were specifically dyed to match my dress and I managed to pick up a little cream clutch for about £5 from Peacocks.
   Although most girls spend a fortune on their hair, make up and nails for the night, I decided to do mine by myself so overall I managed to do my prom for about £100..

Let me know what you think

And here is me and my friends together at the prom

If you got the money

If you got the money

Haider Ackermann black leather jacket
€2.150 -

Christian louboutin pumps
$1,395 -

Chanel leather shoulder bag
€2.313 -

Vintage earrings
$1,315 -

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Get your pins out!

It's getting to that time of year when the preparations for the Summer are beginning, when we ditch the jeans and tights to reveal all. Whether your heading abroad or staying at home I have the perfect shorts to make your Summer one to remember... 

 Designing duo Bambi&Manson are beginning to take the fashion world by storm with their own twist on vintage Levi's. And the best part? You can get any design you want whether it'll be tie-dye, studs or rips - they'll do it. 

We <3 short shorts.

Here is a little snippet from their website: "Bambi is the cute side with demins featuring frills, floral and fluff. Manson is the edgier side featuring Leather, Crucifix's, studded pockets, rips and frays. So, the only question is... are you a Bambi... a Manson... or a bit of both?"

Check them out at: 

Twitter: @Bambi_andManson

Friday, 2 March 2012

Not the best, West

Kanye West came back to the fashion world with a bang showcasing his new DW range for women. For only $5892 (Paris) you will be able to invest in what seems to be the most disgusting, most unstable and most uncomfortable pair of foot killers I have set eyes on. It seems a little unfair at how harsh I am being considering everyone has different fashion tastes and opinion etc etc... but almost $6000 for a strappy shoe with what looks like an in-flight comfort pillow for your ankles is seriously taking the biscuit. There's a reason you got so famous at rapping, mate, I'd probably stick with it... 

Necklaces (again)

I posted about my necklaces a few days ago and about how cheap and easy it was to get them. Well now I'm posting my favourite eBay store which sells the necklaces I love. There's plenty of other stores out there but this is my utmost fav. 
  Prices range from only £0.99 to £2.99 and the postage is absolutely FREE. The only negative point is that the necklaces are from Hong Kong so they will take a couple of weeks to come. The user is called chen3yan and they are a pleasure to do business with, I have always had my items arrive in perfect condition within the estimated date of arrival. I hope you like them. Here are a few of my favourites..


Henry Holland

Henry Holland <3

Sheer black tight, £12
H! by Henry Holland tan leather shoes, £50
H by Henry Holland tan satchel, £35
H by Henry Holland floppy felt hat, £6


Tired of the same old High St trends? Want something a little more exciting? Love Zooey Deschanel or Gizzi Erskine? Well then you can steal their style at ModCloth. A vintage, indie and retro inspired website with a not so vintage price tag. 
   I first discovered ModCloth around a year ago and now find myself drooling over their website and crying because I'm a student and I have no money. But there is a bright side - they have a SALE section. However, you have to be fast as the sale items have a tendency to sell out really quick. They have the most adorable printed dresses, chiffon skirts and peep toe sandals. 
 Check out what they have to offer and brighten up your wardrobe...


Thursday, 1 March 2012

Spring Fling

Alexa who??

So we all remember the craze when Mulberry released their "Alexa"(inspired by tv presenter and model Alexa Chung) bag back in 2012? And at almost £800 it was amazing how crazy long the waiting list was.

Now Mulberry have managed to out-do themselves with the stunning "Del Rey" bag - named after up  and coming American singer-songwriter. The bag which was modelled by the star at the 2012 LFW is set to be part of Mulberry's Autumn 2012 collection which is set to be released in May and will cost a staggering £795. The smooth and simplistic design of the bag just adds to the classic character and *predication alert* will be competing for best bag of 2012. 

Well we better get saving as we've only got a couple of months until May.

Let's go shopping?

Lovely weather.

It's such a beautiful day today - I genuinely can't remember the last time I took my cardigan off outdoors. So here we are.. the beginning of Spring and here's to the days becoming brighter and brighter.
  If there's is one thing that's a must in sunny conditions it's got to be Wayfarers. The iconic sunnies ooze cool and help to create that quirky look. Ideally, my drawers would be stacked with every shade and pattern of Ray Bans imaginable but let's face it - who has the money to do that? Especially a student!
So this year I've promised myself to invest in a classic tortoiseshell pair of those beauts but for now, I'll stick with my £2 a pop Primark bargains.