Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Marni for H&M

Last week, H&M released their new collection which they collaborated with designer Marni on. I was kind of excited for this because although Marni isn't one of my favourite designers, they have some good stuff. However, I was really shocked when I first saw the collection. To me it was mundane and shapeless. I can kind of see where the collaboraters are coming from with the whole vintage, tailored effect but for me they have went the wrong way about it.

  Naturally, the collection sold out very fast as H&M designer collections are quite reasonably priced but although the Marni collection seemed to be the cheapest, I definitely wouldn't have bought anything from it. For me they need to inject a bit more colour into their designs. Nothing bold or out there but just a little to liven the collection up. I also feel that S/S is all about showing off your figure and your pins, so by structuring the clothes a little more, they would have worked wonders. So that's my opinion on H&Ms lastest designer collection. Not for me but not a complete disaster.
View the full collection here :)

Did you purchase anything from the collection? 
What did you think of the collection ?

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