Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Summer essentials: We love short shorts.

So we all love short shorts - who doesn't love short shorts? 
What could be better than a gorgeous pair of short denim shorts for this summer? 
Umm, short denim sale shorts for this summer.

I have searched the internet and found the perfect must-have shorts for this summer from the high street. Whether they be patterened, floral, dip-dyed, tie-dye or high waisted then I have the perfect ones for you. 

For me, there isn't a better feeling than finding the perfect pair of shorts and not wanting to take them off all summer. 

Short denim shorts are the most important item of clothing of your summer and here's how to get them without breaking the budget... 

These shorts are lovely. A nice mixture between plain denim and a vintage floral pattern. 
Miss Selfridge: was £35, now £15

Dip-dye style is very "in" right now. These shorts kind of remind me of a clear, sunny day and would be perfect for this summer.
Miss Selfridge: was £35, now £15

Every summer wardrobe has to have a nautical outfit. These red and white striped shorts would make a great edition.
Miss Selfridge: was £26, now £12

I'm not the world's hugest fan of plain denim when there is so many different choices out there. But if you are trying to tone it down these would be great - and you can still get a bit of colour and pattern in the the USA style pockets.
Miss Selfrdge: was £30, now £15

Gotta love high-waisted shorts. These super short shorts are fantastic and the bright purple is a good way to make yourself stand out this summer.
Topshop: was £32, now £15

These baby's remind me of a sweetie stick of rock or something. Great outfit for a day at the fun fair.
Topshop: was £32, now £15

These shorts have a lovely tropical feel to them. Would be great for going out dancing with... 
Topshop: was £34, now £15

Oooh tie-dye. Definitely coming back in fashion. I love these colours too. 
Topshop: was £32, now £15

Hope you love short shorts as much as I do. 
All of these shorts are from either Miss Selfridge or Topshop and are only a small selection from each.

Miss Selfridge sale here.
Topshop sale here.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Style steal: Zooey Deschanel

So I thought it would be fun to give this a bit of a go. Everyone loves looking at people in the eye of the media and thinking "man, I wish I had that outfit". Well what if you could have the very same outfit for a fraction of the price?? 

This week I'm gonna do Zooey Deschanel because her style is amazing and she is a complete babe.

This is a very cute little outfit and I think it's something that's not too glamorous and quite appropriate for the up-coming summer months...

This cardigan isn't identical to the one Zooey is showing off but it is very similar and at only £20 from you can't really grumble.
The dress is my favourite. It's pretty much an identical match to the actress's and is only £20 again from and it also comes with a waist belt too (two birds, one stone).
Finallyt, these goregeous black patent heels are only £29.99 from TK Maxx - if you are wanting a cheaper pair of these then you can usually pick up a pair for around £15 from Primark.

I hope you enjoyed my first "style steal" :)

Which celebrities style do you want me to "steal" next?

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Summer essentials: The Dress Edition

So this post is very similar to my "spring picks"
As it is only one week until I jet off Bulgaria, I thought now would be a good time to share with you dresses that you need for this summer because 1. They are amazing and 2. They are cheap cheap cheap.

The thing that I love most about a summer wardrobe is the ability to use colour in crazy ways on a daily basis. And wearing something with palm trees on it is totally okay (well, at least, it is in my eyes...)

So here are the hot little numbers that made my shortlist:

 1.  The little bow tie alone makes me fall instantly in love with this dress. It's the perfect day dress and flowers are always a plus. Only £20 from River Island - it comes in at a decent price.
 2. This probably isn't the first dress I would take off the hanger but it's only £12.99 from H&M. This, to me, would be a great summer day to night dress. Teamed with flats and a cardigan durning the day and a leather jacket and killer heels for night time. Perfect.
 3. Who can't resist a shirt dress? You need at least 3 shirt dresses in your wardrobe at any time and at only £15 from River Island, this one will do nicely. I love the little pattern and a thin, white waist belt and some white tennis shoes would look perfect for a nice casual summer look.
 4. I have most definitely invested in one of these for the summer. This River Island number is the kind of dress you could just throw on top of your bikini to laze about the beach with or team with a pair of black skinnies and heels for a night-time look.
 5. This vibrant dress from H&M is only £14.99 and is the perfect burst of colour anyone needs in their wardrobe. Teamed with a cute little pair of vintage heels - this will look amazing.
 6. Bargain alert! H&M's £6.99 summer dress is adorable. There is nothing more that I need to say about this.
 7. I love ombre dresses and yellow is such a fabby colour. This floaty style of dress will be amazing with a pair of gladiator sandals and will definitely help with cooling off during the hot summer (hopefully).
 8. This Miss Selfridge dress has such a lovely vintage feel to it and is quite a bargain at £18. We love nude pink. 

Which is your favourite summer dress?
Are you prepared for the summer?
Do you think the rain will ever leave?

p.s. you can also check out daily updates of summer essentials from my facebook page here.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Rain rain go away.

Day no. 2 of the rain.... and there was me thinking I was going to catch a cheeky little pre-tan before jetting off to Bulgaria next week.
I suppose it was a silly thing to think considering I live in Scotland.

I'm heading to work in a bit and getting dressed this morning was a chore - I had to rake in all my "winter clothes" to find something half decent for the current weather situation.

So here it is... the first of many "rainy summer" outfits.

 I got this little day dress about a year ago and I love it. It's one of the only things I've actually paid full price for in the past couple of years. This outfit is perfect for my work because the jeggings are strecthy and comfy and the dress is very loose. I have added a waist belt (it's not like me at all..) to give it a bit more shape. And hopefully the little cardigan will keep me warm in these damp, cold times.

Dress: New Look (AX Paris) £25
Jeggings: Primark £3
Cardigan: Primark £5
Necklace: eBay £1
Ring: New Look £1
Waist belt: Select Fashion £1
Nail polish: Ciate £9 (birthday gift)

Friday, 15 June 2012

Celeb love: Gizzi Erskine

Scottish born (yay) Gizzi Erskine has most definitely become one of my style icons in the past year or so. I first saw her on her show "Cook yourself thin" and then saw a few of her displays on ITV This Morning. Not only is she a brilliant cook but she also wears the most amazing clothes all the time.
The thing I love most about the cooking sensation the fact that her style is mega 60s orientated. From her giant 60s beehive to her dress, black tights and heels combo - the completes the vintage 60s look to a T. The dress featured above is amazing. I'm a massive believer in waist belts and the fact that the outfit is so simple but has the pop of orange from the dress. A classic look to showcase.

 This dress is gorgeous. Again she is also rocking a waist belt so extra point for that. The checkered pattern and large collar and cuffs really pull together the whole look. A very elegant piece - would look great for a night on the town (if the town you were attending had more class than disco pants and actual pants...)
 I love collars and so does Gizzi. The pattern on this dress is just lovely. It has a very nice vintage feel to it and goes really well with the black tights and shoes.
 Amazing jacket. My figure really doesn't look good in these kind of coats but they are so lovely.

 Seems like one of the rare times you won't see Ms Erskine in a dress... but this outfit makes me forget about it completely. To me this would the perfect outfit for "the office" - it looks pratical yet seriously stylish and I'm loving the burst of red in the clutch bag.

This, by far, has to be my favourite outfit. The colour of this dress is gorgeous (same as my bedcovers) and it is so flattering to her figure. This is the kind of outfit I would wear on a night out and it oozes style. The pop of red from the bag works brilliantly with the dress and makes Ms Erskine look stunning as per usual.

And that is why Gizzi Erskine is one of my biggest style icons.
p.s. her sausage rolls are amazing and easy to make. 

I can't find the recipe on-line but just get some pastry put some sauce on the inside (ketchup, chutney, salsa, whatever ) then put your sausage meat in, roll up the pastry, cut the rolls into mini ones if you like, score the top, pop them in the oven then voila. You have the perfect lunch snack or party food :)

Do you love the 60s? 
What is your favourite decade for fashion ?
Do you follow any of Gizzi's recipes?

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Club Tropicana

Making the most of the sun.

So although it was raining today... the sun was still poking through. I had to work but I still managed to get a bit of colour into my outfit.
 Being a bar person - I have to kinda dress smart but it is essential to have comfortable clothes or you will struggle running around when it's busy and cleaning when it is quiet.

Dress: H&M £9.99
Leggings: New Look £5
Belt: New Look £1
Necklace: eBay 99p

I love this dress - it's perfect for daytime, college or work wear and it look really good with a thin waist belt. This outfit was less than £20 which is even better. I usually would wear a pair of pumps or ankle boots with it. 

My dog Jake is a poser and couldn't resist chilling in the background.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Lolita Lempicka

If you love floral scents then this is for you. I was first introduct to the Lolita Lempicka range from Glossybox and I absolutely love it. The bottle is like a luxurious apple with a funky Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" twist. It has one of those scents that are not to strong but definitely noticable. 
The one factor that would put me off is the price. It's around £50 for a 50ml bottle. However, the website cheap smells sell it for almost half the price which is amazing and I will be stocking up a.s.a.p. 

For the official website of the perfume clike here.
To buy the less pricey version click here.

I'm back... again.

So, college got pretty crazy and the past few months have been sleepless nights and questioning why on earth I want to be a journalist. Oh, and trying to learn how to drive and completely sucking. But now I'm back for good, armed with my camera and ready to take so many pictures that I will probably see the next few months mainly through a lense. I have soooo many new clothes and can't wait to share all my secrets with you but for now I still have a few days left of studying.

I'm heading to Bulgaria in a fortnight for a fortnight - I'm more than excited and my suitcase is packed with colour and fun.

Thank you for following me and expect a lot of posts to come...