Thursday, 5 April 2012

NOTD: Messy graffiti style

Whilst waiting on my caviar nail beads to come, I decided to play about with my nails... 

What I used:  technic - black
                        technic- hot pink
                            Avon - vintage blue
                         Avon - lime bright

I used black as a base coat and waited for it to dry. Then I used the lime green and made sure the brush had as little nail polish on as possible and lightly dragged it across each nail in random direction. I waited for it to dry then repeated with the vintage blue and finally repeated with the hot pink. The whole look only took around five minutes and was very easy to do. It would look great with all sorts of colours.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Caviar nail beads.

So, I've been super excited about the release of Ciate caviar nail beads. With the presale selling out and a large waiting list, I'm definitely more excited about this than I was with cracked nail polish. However, £18 and only a choice of three colours was definitely off putting. 

I have a solution. I noticed someone posted that you can buy a cheaper version on eBay - which is good enough for me. At only £1.99 and £0.85 P+P, I knew I'd landed myself a bargain. Not only that but they have a whole range of colours. "Goldleaf" has produced colours ranging from "Blue Denim" to "Fiesta Carnival" to "Vintage Bouquet". I purchased the "Vintage Bouquet" style which is a variety of red, turquoise and blue. It will be here within 6-8 days so stay tuned for the pics to follow... 

You can buy yours here.