Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Caviar nail beads.

So, I've been super excited about the release of Ciate caviar nail beads. With the presale selling out and a large waiting list, I'm definitely more excited about this than I was with cracked nail polish. However, £18 and only a choice of three colours was definitely off putting. 

I have a solution. I noticed someone posted that you can buy a cheaper version on eBay - which is good enough for me. At only £1.99 and £0.85 P+P, I knew I'd landed myself a bargain. Not only that but they have a whole range of colours. "Goldleaf" has produced colours ranging from "Blue Denim" to "Fiesta Carnival" to "Vintage Bouquet". I purchased the "Vintage Bouquet" style which is a variety of red, turquoise and blue. It will be here within 6-8 days so stay tuned for the pics to follow... 

You can buy yours here.

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