Friday, 15 June 2012

Celeb love: Gizzi Erskine

Scottish born (yay) Gizzi Erskine has most definitely become one of my style icons in the past year or so. I first saw her on her show "Cook yourself thin" and then saw a few of her displays on ITV This Morning. Not only is she a brilliant cook but she also wears the most amazing clothes all the time.
The thing I love most about the cooking sensation the fact that her style is mega 60s orientated. From her giant 60s beehive to her dress, black tights and heels combo - the completes the vintage 60s look to a T. The dress featured above is amazing. I'm a massive believer in waist belts and the fact that the outfit is so simple but has the pop of orange from the dress. A classic look to showcase.

 This dress is gorgeous. Again she is also rocking a waist belt so extra point for that. The checkered pattern and large collar and cuffs really pull together the whole look. A very elegant piece - would look great for a night on the town (if the town you were attending had more class than disco pants and actual pants...)
 I love collars and so does Gizzi. The pattern on this dress is just lovely. It has a very nice vintage feel to it and goes really well with the black tights and shoes.
 Amazing jacket. My figure really doesn't look good in these kind of coats but they are so lovely.

 Seems like one of the rare times you won't see Ms Erskine in a dress... but this outfit makes me forget about it completely. To me this would the perfect outfit for "the office" - it looks pratical yet seriously stylish and I'm loving the burst of red in the clutch bag.

This, by far, has to be my favourite outfit. The colour of this dress is gorgeous (same as my bedcovers) and it is so flattering to her figure. This is the kind of outfit I would wear on a night out and it oozes style. The pop of red from the bag works brilliantly with the dress and makes Ms Erskine look stunning as per usual.

And that is why Gizzi Erskine is one of my biggest style icons.
p.s. her sausage rolls are amazing and easy to make. 

I can't find the recipe on-line but just get some pastry put some sauce on the inside (ketchup, chutney, salsa, whatever ) then put your sausage meat in, roll up the pastry, cut the rolls into mini ones if you like, score the top, pop them in the oven then voila. You have the perfect lunch snack or party food :)

Do you love the 60s? 
What is your favourite decade for fashion ?
Do you follow any of Gizzi's recipes?

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