Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Summer essentials: We love short shorts.

So we all love short shorts - who doesn't love short shorts? 
What could be better than a gorgeous pair of short denim shorts for this summer? 
Umm, short denim sale shorts for this summer.

I have searched the internet and found the perfect must-have shorts for this summer from the high street. Whether they be patterened, floral, dip-dyed, tie-dye or high waisted then I have the perfect ones for you. 

For me, there isn't a better feeling than finding the perfect pair of shorts and not wanting to take them off all summer. 

Short denim shorts are the most important item of clothing of your summer and here's how to get them without breaking the budget... 

These shorts are lovely. A nice mixture between plain denim and a vintage floral pattern. 
Miss Selfridge: was £35, now £15

Dip-dye style is very "in" right now. These shorts kind of remind me of a clear, sunny day and would be perfect for this summer.
Miss Selfridge: was £35, now £15

Every summer wardrobe has to have a nautical outfit. These red and white striped shorts would make a great edition.
Miss Selfridge: was £26, now £12

I'm not the world's hugest fan of plain denim when there is so many different choices out there. But if you are trying to tone it down these would be great - and you can still get a bit of colour and pattern in the the USA style pockets.
Miss Selfrdge: was £30, now £15

Gotta love high-waisted shorts. These super short shorts are fantastic and the bright purple is a good way to make yourself stand out this summer.
Topshop: was £32, now £15

These baby's remind me of a sweetie stick of rock or something. Great outfit for a day at the fun fair.
Topshop: was £32, now £15

These shorts have a lovely tropical feel to them. Would be great for going out dancing with... 
Topshop: was £34, now £15

Oooh tie-dye. Definitely coming back in fashion. I love these colours too. 
Topshop: was £32, now £15

Hope you love short shorts as much as I do. 
All of these shorts are from either Miss Selfridge or Topshop and are only a small selection from each.

Miss Selfridge sale here.
Topshop sale here.

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