Saturday, 3 March 2012

Get your pins out!

It's getting to that time of year when the preparations for the Summer are beginning, when we ditch the jeans and tights to reveal all. Whether your heading abroad or staying at home I have the perfect shorts to make your Summer one to remember... 

 Designing duo Bambi&Manson are beginning to take the fashion world by storm with their own twist on vintage Levi's. And the best part? You can get any design you want whether it'll be tie-dye, studs or rips - they'll do it. 

We <3 short shorts.

Here is a little snippet from their website: "Bambi is the cute side with demins featuring frills, floral and fluff. Manson is the edgier side featuring Leather, Crucifix's, studded pockets, rips and frays. So, the only question is... are you a Bambi... a Manson... or a bit of both?"

Check them out at: 

Twitter: @Bambi_andManson


  1. I want all of these!! The stars n stripes one is my fave!!


  2. Loving the Ibiza's xxx found u on ifb, I'm following ur lovely blog, could u please follow back?

  3. Thanks, Molly. :) Yes, no problem I'll do it just now