Friday, 10 August 2012

Style Steal: Amy Macdonald

Okay so here's some things I love about Amy Macdonald: 

1. She is called Amy
2. Her music is good
3. She is Scottish
4. Her style is pretty awesome

Amy Macdonald's style is kinda like 'Scottish rock chic'. She mixes Tartan dresses and skirts with leather and does it really well. So here is how to get one of her excellent styles for a very good price...
I think the jacket is probably my favourite out of this outfit. It's only £29.99 from H&M. The shoes are from New Look and are £24.99 - I also thinks shoe boots or heels with studs would spice the outfit up a little bit. The dress is an absolute bargain at only £10 from Desire Clothing. Which you can buy here.

I hope you enjoyed this style steal and I would love some suggestions for the next one.


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