Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Back to.. Bags

So it's that time of year again, when you go back to college/school/uni and you need to get the essentials. On the top of my list is always a good bag. If your bag isn't sturdy then there's no point in using it so you have to spend a little bit more on one - bags are around the only thing that I won't head straight to the sale for. Trying to find a bag big enough to fit all of your folders and coursework in is a challenge in itself.

I have compiled a collection of my favourite bags on the high street right now to make it a bit easier to choose from:

I bought a bag very similar to this one last year from H&M and I still use it most of the time and it has shown no sign of breaking. It's only £24.99 and comes in black or purple. I love bags that you can use either the carry handles or a shoulder strap. 

This is another H&M bag - it's very similar to the first one but it has a much wider range of colours (five in total) and it's only 19.99 which to me is a must have. At that rate I could buy two different colours for only £40. Perfect bargain.

Urban Outfitters isn't usually my first choice of shop but I really do like this bag. It's tall enough to fit anything A4 in and I like the colour scheme. This bag can be used for either work or a job interview aswell.  It's £48 which isn't that cheap but if it lasts then it's worth it.

I love the colour of this bag - sage - it's not dull enough to be grey but not too bright for school or college. Again, I like the handle and shoulder strap idea and it looks like there could be some compartments for phones/keys etc. It's only £36 and it's from Topshop so it should be decent enough quality. 

I think rucksacks are just really cute. They are great for days when you don't need to carry too much - this one kinda reminds me of the one Tilly had on TotsTv haha. It's only £30 from River Island and the colours are great for autumn coming in.

I hope this helps in the quest to find the perfect college/school bag and I would highly recommend River Island, H&M and New Look from personal experience.


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